• scarelli

    Fontaine Scarelli

    Fontaine Scarelli, born in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, is a contemporary abstract painter residing and working in Chicago, United States. Scarelli attended the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, having graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in fashion design. […]

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  • akinola

    Bimbola Akinbola

    Bimbola Akinbola presents a seven-hour Electric Slide marathon as part of Chicago Performs. Get to know Akinbola, and more about the participatory "You Gotta Know It: a durational moving meditation on (Black) collectivity, labor, and joy. […]

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  • fondriest

    Rev Kurt Fondriest

    The art of storytelling is what I try to do in my visual art. I'm a storyteller, my mother was a storyteller, my grandmother was a storyteller. Storytelling runs in the family. So let me tell you a short story about this visual storyteller. […]

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  • stone

    Michelle Stone

    Michelle Stone was born in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated with a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since 1981, Stone completed over 70 exhibitions both solo and as part of a group. Though she exhibits primarily in the Chicago area, her work has been shown nationally and internationally. […]

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  • perl

    Karen Perl

    The experience of place can never be accurately described merely through visual observation. Over time, a place becomes infused with memory and saturated with feeling until at some point the balance shifts, and what I am painting has its references as much in the realm of imagination and memory as it does in reality. […]

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  • kiosse

    Connie Kiosse

    Connie is a memoir writer who is experimenting with using artifacts from her past to create new work. Decades old letters, journals, postcards, and photos were all saved with the intention of someday bringing them together to tell her story in a more multi dimensional way. That freedom of time has now arrived! […]

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  • cua

    Susan Cua

    Susan loves to travel and paint the beautiful places she visits. At first, her paintings were mostly landscapes but she started to put figures in her landscapes and now she has painted figures by themselves. In high school, when she took art classes, she painted in oils and watercolors but when she started traveling, she discovered pastels and fell in love with them. […]

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